Posted by: Wendy Harpp | January 30, 2012

day cruises out of Captiva

A few months back we had company in town and decided to take them on a day cruise out of Captiva Island for something to do, other than beaching it for the day. Our friends are not the avid beach lovers that my family is 🙂

After a few minutes of quick research, we decided on the Captiva Cruise at South Seas Island Resort. Our choice was a 5 hour trip over to Cabbage Key from 10am-3pm. The cruise was very reasonable, at only $35.00 per adult and $20.00 per child. Overall we thought this was a great deal for a 5 hour cruise.

I can not begin to tell you want a wonderful experience this was. Not only was the trip over to Cabbage Key filled with excitement as we had several pods of dolphins chasing our boat. (see attached pictures) but the captain was terrific and offered all sorts of great fun facts about the area. We truly learned a great deal about the islands and surrounding area on our trip.

Once we arrived at Cabbage Key we explored the island, which is quite small, and had a bit to eat at the famous restaurant known for Jimmy Buffets “Cheeseburger in Paradise” song. This is where he actually wrote the lyrics.There are no beaches here on Cabbage Key, so we sat by the waters edge and enjoyed the view and a cold drink when our island exploring was done.

On our hour boat ride back we settled in on the top deck, enjoyed the sunny skies and a refreshing beverage while we again experienced another thrilling experience watching 10 dolphins chase us back to Captiva Island. Perfect day!!;;


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