Posted by: Wendy Harpp | July 30, 2012

Cape Coral Fun Facts

Fun Facts


Land Development of Cape Coral Starts – November 4, 1957
Name of Original Developers – Leonard and Jack Rosen
First Family Moves to Cape Coral – June 14, 1958

Del Prado Expressway Dedicated – January 17, 1960
Yacht Club Built – 1962

First Miss Cape Coral – Roberta (Bobbi) Blackwell – 1962
Famous Visitors to Cape Coral – Connie Mack Sr., Hugh Downs, Bob Hope
First Airfield in Cape Coral – Del Prado North of Everest, south of SE 21st St.
In 1960 – First State in Number of Residents in Cape Coral – New York, second – Pennsylvania
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. visits Four Freedoms Park – 1964

First Professional Golf Pro at the Country Club – Ed Caldwell
Cape Coral Votes to Incorporate – August 18, 1970
First Mayor – Paul Fickinger
First City Council Meeting – December 3, 1970
City Motto – “City of Superlatives”
First Business – The Nautilus Inn
First Real Estate Agent – Wonderland Realty
First Motel – Ranch House Motel
First Privately Owned Restaurant – Leonard’s Clock Restaurant
First School – Cape Coral Elementary (on Vincennes)
First High School – Cape Coral High School (1979)
Cape Coral Bridge Opens – March 14, 1964
First Movie Filmed Entirely in Cape Coral – The Fat Spy (1966)

Stars of the Fat Spy – Jackie Leonard, Phyllis Diller, Jayne Mansfield and Brian Dunlevy
Route 66 Cast & Crew Filmed an episode in Cape Coral – 1963

Stars of Route 66 – Marty Milner and George Maharis
“Santiva” – Cape Coral’s Mail Boat from 1958 to 1963
The Cape Coral Bank – Cape Coral’s First Bank Opened February 1964

Former President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn visited Cape Coral – 2004

Cape Coral Fire Department established in March of 1962


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